Milk Caps

CMEA is proud to partner with Longmont Dairy Farm in an effort to reduce waste and support our school with a milk cap collection program called Milk Caps for Mooola.

Collection boxes are located at the Copper Mesa front office.

If you are a Longmont Dairy customer, please turn in your milk, cream, or juice caps in the designated collection boxes near the front office of the school. Longmont Dairy will donate 5 cents to our school for every milk cap turned in! The Dairy then recycles the caps to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.

The collection will continue throughout the school year, and as long as the caps are from a glass Longmont bottle, they qualify! Please remember to wash the cap before recycling.

For more information, please visit Longmont Dairy online or email the CMEA Copper Mesa PTO.

Not a Longmont Dairy customer? Consider trying their product for free by visiting Longmont Dairy.